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frequently asked questions

 Paint & Process

Classic Cupboards™ is a seriously durable grain-filling painted finish that sticks to wood, metal and laminate cabinets without priming or pre-sanding. Classic Cupboards™ finishes are backed by our 10 year chip-free guarantee.
No, we are a family owned and operated business serving the central Ohio area since 2003.
No, we do not sell our paint.
All regular paint, such as oil, latex, enamel, alkyd or lacquer, is thin and runny and requires pre-sanding or priming. Regular paint doesn’t fill wood grain and, even when properly applied, still chips, peels, cracks and flakes under normal use within 6 months - 1 year after application/installation.

Classic Cupboards Paint™ is extremely thick and bonds from the very first coat to nearly every surface - no need to pre-sand or prime. Classic Cupboards Paint™ fills in wood grain and creates a consistently smooth finish on every surface. Classic Cupboards™ finishes are extremely durable and do not chip or peel.
YES! Classic Cupboards Paint™ was formulated specifically to stick to raw wood, previously painted or stained wood, metal, even thermafoil, melamine, plastic laminate and plexiglass. In fact, we used plastic laminate and plexiglass as our test surfaces during our paint development.
No, none of our products are sprayed. All 8 - 10 layers of paint are applied by hand to create a thick and sandable coating.
No, Classic Cupboards paint doesn’t have much of a smell at all. We care about our health and the health of our clients. Our paint is water based and very low VOC.
Yes, we actually seal the paint at two separate times during our process. After the first coat of paint, we then apply our Classic Cupboards Stainblocker™ to ensure that no wood tannins or previous discolorations work their way through to the surface of your newly painted finish.

We also seal the paint after it has been sanded. It is sealed with 3 - 4 coats of Classic Cupboards Wax™, which is hand applied and buffed to a matte sheen. Our cabinet wax creates a water and stain resistant surface, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.
In total, we apply 12 - 14 coats of our different products to create our smooth and durable finishes.
Classic Cupboards Wax™ is a soft wax that is similar in consistency to creamy shoe polish.
You should not ever need to re-wax all of your cabinets. A jar of soft wax is included in your Care & Maintenance Kit to be used periodically on areas that get wet or handled a lot (i.e. around the sink, stove or pull-out trash can).
Most of the original finishes on kitchen cabinets that we paint are in good condition except for a few areas on the lower cabinets that get a lot of use or on the upper cabinets around the stove. If the homeowner could have reapplied a top coat to protect these areas, the finish wouldn’t have worn away.

Water based and oil based top coats are not something a homeowner can re-apply easily to protect high use areas, such as pull out trash cans and around the sink. In addition, oil based top coats will yellow over time - not good for white or off-white painted cabinets.

We wanted our sealer to be a product that the homeowner could re-apply easily in heavily used areas to protect the finish. Our Cabinet Wax™ is so easy to wipe on/wipe off with a paper towel. It cleans and protects at the same time. Refer to our section on Care & Maintenance to see just how easy it is to care for a Classic Cupboards™ finish.
No, the doors will never stick to the base cabinets. Classic Cupboards Paint™ is never tacky, even when it is drying. Once the job is complete, the doors, drawers and base cabinets will feel completely smooth, dry and hard. The paint continues to harden all the way through the layers over the next 30 days.
No, we paint the base cabinets in your home. We do not remove them.
No, we only paint inside glass front cabinets or open shelves.
Yes, your cabinets and countertops will need to be completely empty when we are working in your home on the base cabinets.
Yes, we not only remove the doors and drawers fronts/entire drawers, but we also remove the hinges and hardware. We paint the doors and drawers off-site in our studio.
We paint the doors first in our paint studio to give them the longest cure time possible before re-installation, then we work in your home to paint the base cabinets. About half of the total job length is spent in our paint studio on the doors and the drawers and the other half of the time is spent in your home working on the base cabinets.
No, you can leave items inside the cabinets on the shelves. You just need to remove items from your drawers and lazy susan carousel for the door and drawer pick-up.
Yes, you should have full access to all of your appliances during the in-home portion of the job. We cover each appliance with a removable thick plastic cover each day while we work.
All flooring is covered in thick paper and the countertops are covered in heavy weight plastic during the entire in-home portion of your job. The appliances are covered daily with a removable thick plastic, so you can still use them.
Yes, during the sanding portion of your job, we hang a plastic tent around the kitchen work area. The tent will remain up about 1/3 of the total time that we work in your home. At the end of each sanding day, we sweep up the floors and countertops and open a tent flap so you can access your kitchen. The plastic tent works quite well and we take great care to ensure that it stays sealed during our work hours.
We work Monday thru Thursday 9:30/10a - 6/6:30, and most Fridays 9:30/10a - 2/2:30pm. In-home Consultation appointments are held on Saturdays.
The first half of the job is spent in our paint studio completing the doors and drawers. We complete the doors and drawers first to give them the longest possible cure time before re-installation. The second half of the job is in your home completing the base cabinets.

Small kitchens: 3 - 5 weeks total job length =
(1.5 - 2.5 weeks in the paint studio) + (1.5 - 2.5 weeks in your home)

Average kitchens: 5 - 7 weeks total job length =
(2.5 - 3.5 weeks in the paint studio) + (2.5 - 3.5 weeks in your home)

Large kitchens: 7-10 weeks total job length =
(3.5 - 5 weeks in the paint studio) + (3.5 - 5 weeks in your home)

Very large kitchens: 11 weeks or more total job length =
(5.5+ weeks in the paint studio) + (5.5+ weeks in your home)
No, we complete one kitchen at a time.
We are family owned and operated. We do not have a separate crew of employees.You are hiring the owners, so you can be assured that the job will be done right.

 Colors & Finishes top

While we offer 26 different paint colors and 5 wax colors, we can mix custom colors. Since our paint is mixed and pigmented right here in our paint studio, we have the ability to create custom colors or very closely match an existing color. We charge a small fee for our time to create or match custom colors.
Distressing occurs when the painted finish is over-sanded to reveal the wood underneath. You can choose to have your cabinets distressed or not. There is no extra charge for a distressed finish.
We offer 5 Classic Cupboards Wax™ colors: neutral, antique brown, warm grey, cool grey and black. Our wax buffs to a beautiful matte finish.

Neutral wax creates a clear, protective coating on our whites, off-whites and lightest colors. The tinted waxes add depth to our finishes. Unlike glazes which tend to look brushed on or outlined, our tinted waxes are hand rubbed for an authentic look.

The tinted wax shades can complement colors from your backsplash, countertops, floor or woodwork. For instance, we use antique brown wax on white and off-white painted cabinetry to pull in the color from stained wood floors, baseboards and doors. Warm or cool grey wax can keep an all white kitchen from looking sterile. And black wax on our darker colors give a beautiful high-end custom metallic look.
Once you have hired Classic Cupboards Paint™ Studio, we will complete one of the smaller doors from your kitchen in the exact finish, color and wax that you have selected from our large sample door collection. We require your approval of your personal sample door before we start your job.

The sample door from your kitchen gives you the opportunity to tweak how dark you want your tinted wax, for instance, or how much distressing you want. Or maybe you are undecided on whether you want our Original Finish or our Premium Finish or neutral vs. tinted wax. We make all of the changes to your sample door, so you will know exactly what your completed kitchen will look like.
We keep it simple with just 4 pricing options:
  1. Premium Finish with backside of the door painted
  2. Premium Finish without backside of the door painted
  3. Original Finish with backside of the door painted
  4. Original Finish without backside of the door painted
Distressing, color and wax choices do not affect the price, so you can pick exactly what you want.

Note: All of our finishes are backed by our 10 Year Chip-free Guarantee!

Contact us for a free in-home estimate.

 Before & Afters top

Yes, you will want to drill the new hole/holes and install the new hardware to be sure it fits correctly before we start your job. We will fill the old hole/holes completely. If you are having the backside of your doors painted, you will not ever see where the original hole was.
We offer our design expertise on cabinet relocation/rearrangement during our In-home Consultation, but you will need to hire someone or make the changes yourself. We do not offer woodworking services.
During the In-home Consultation we are happy to offer design help with material selections regarding flooring, countertop, backsplash and wall color choices. In fact we encourage you to have samples of flooring, tile, countertops, etc. at your In-home Consultation, so we can better assist you in your cabinet color selection; however, we do not install flooring, counters or backsplashes.
We recommend a free In-home Consultation to plan out the order for your specific kitchen remodel, budget and timeframe.

If budget allows the entire remodel to occur all at once, the following is a general guideline for the order of events:

  1. Move/reconfigure existing cabinetry
  2. Install additional cabinets
  3. Add glass front doors
  4. Add wood trim to island/peninsula
  5. Add crown molding to top of upper cabinets
  6. Add wood trim to bottom edge of upper cabinets
  7. Add wood pedestal feet under lower cabinet, cut to fit only, don’t permanently mount
  8. Install new hinges
  9. Drill new hardware holes and install new hardware
  10. Remove or cover silicone caulk under existing countertops
  11. Add under cabinet lighting
  12. Demo/replace backsplash
  13. Replace countertops - DO NOT USE SILICONE CAULK - use paintable caulk or putty
  14. Refinish/replace floors
  15. Install new appliances
  16. Paint the cabinets with a Classic Cupboards™ finish ☺️
  17. Paint the kitchen walls
Note: Remember this list is a general guideline only, contact us to set up a free In-home Consultation to discuss your specific kitchen.

 Cost & Compare  top

We wish there was an easy way to provide an exact quote over the phone or through email, but kitchens come in all shapes and sizes with varying forms of detail and unique situations that really need to be seen in person. Classic Cupboards™ kitchens are generally about 40% - 50% less than cabinet replacement and 10% - 20% less than refacing.

We provide exact quotes during our free In-home Consultations, which are scheduled on Saturdays for your convenience.
We do our best to provide a ballpark idea on pricing when we talk with you on the phone. We understand that everyone’s budget is different, as is everyone’s idea of affordable.

We will have you answer a few questions that will help us determine if you have a small, medium, large or very large kitchen. It’s helpful if you are standing in your kitchen when we talk on the phone. Contact us and we will try to give you some general cost information.
We keep it simple with just 4 pricing options:
  1. Premium Finish with backside of the door painted
  2. Premium Finish without backside of the door painted
  3. Original Finish with backside of the door painted
  4. Original Finish without backside of the door painted
Distressing, color and wax choices do not affect the price, so you can pick exactly what you want.

Note: All of our finishes are backed by our 10 Year Chip-free Guarantee!

Contact us for a free in-home estimate.
Classic Cupboards™ finishes are 40% - 50% less cost than cabinet replacement, which would involve hiring a remodeling contractor to remove all of the countertops and old cabinets and install new stock cabinets or custom built cabinets. While the kitchen is unusable during a total kitchen remodel, the Classic Cupboards™ process allows for full use of the kitchen and appliances.
You might be surprised to learn that Classic Cupboards Paint™ finishes are more durable than factory painted or custom built spray painted cabinets. And remember, we back our finishes with a 10 year chip-free guarantee!
Factory paint and custom sprayed finishes are still just using regular paint such as oil, latex, enamel, alkyd or lacquer. These paints, even when properly applied in a temperature controlled environment, easily chip, peel, crack and flake under normal use.
Painted custom built cabinets typically involve spray painting the doors off-site and the primed base cabinets are installed and either sprayed or hand painted on-site. Custom cabinets are notorious for cracked joints and flaking paint as the new wood expands and contracts as it acclimates to the new environment.
Refacing or resurfacing involves hiring a contractor to remove the old door fronts and drawers and replace them with new factory finished doors and drawers. The base cabinets are either covered with an adhesive backed thin plastic laminate to match the new painted doors or they are wrapped with a thin wood veneer to match the new wood door. Some contractors will paint the old base cabinets to match the new painted doors.
Classic Cupboards finishes are generally 10% - 20% less cost than cabinet refacing/resurfacing and are much more durable.

The thin plastic laminate or wood veneer covering the original base cabinet is prone to chipping, usually at the bottom edge of a base cabinet because of shoes or boots that get caught under the cabinet at the kick plate.

Or if the original base cabinets have been hand painted instead, the sprayed, brushed or rolled on paint will easily chip and peel. The new factory painted doors and drawers will chip , flake and peel unlike a Classic Cupboards™ finish that is backed by a 10 year chip-free guarantee.
There are LOTS of different types of products on the market for finishing cabinets, unfortunately they not only require pre-sanding and priming, but they show spray drips, roller and brush marks and NONE of them fill wood grain. They ALL chip, peel and scratch within 6 months - 1 year, even when the surfaces are properly prepared.

The best application for lacquer, oil based, latex and alkyd paint requires pre-sanding, priming and sanding until glass smooth between multiple coats of paint applied with a sprayer and finished with a clear top coat - the higher the gloss, the better the durability.

Here’s an overview of ‘other paint’ and their associated draw backs:

  • A sprayed lacquer finish is like a plastic coating, shows fingerprints, scratches easily and will crack at corner joints with expansion.
  • Oil based cabinet paint will yellow over time, definitely not a good choice for white cabinets. Oil based paint takes longer to cure than water based. If not allowed to cure between coats of paint, the cabinet doors will stick to the base cabinets and pull off the paint.
  • Latex cabinet paint is water based and is less durable than oil based. It becomes brittle and prone to flaking when a hardener is added.
  • Alkyd paint is water based and dries to a hard finish, but is also prone to cracking at seams and flaking in high use areas.
  • Gel stain is used to darken a previously stained cabinet. It is very glossy, which actually makes wood grain more visible. Even with proper prep, gel stain easily scrapes off with just a fingernail.
  • DIY chalky style paint is brushed or rolled on to create a distressed, country style, shabby chic look.
You can expect these ‘other’ paint options to cost less than a Classic Cupboards™ painted kitchen, but none of these choices are a long term solution to kitchen cabinet refinishing. The kitchen is a hard working area and requires a better product. Classic Cupboards Paint™ fills grain, doesn’t chip and is backed by our 10 year chip-free guarantee.

One of our clients, Marlene, said it best, “I do believe in the old adage - ‘You get what you pay for’. It was not inexpensive, but it was worth every penny.”

 Consultation & Quote top

We have a traveling showroom, so we come to you! Proper selection of a cabinet color and finish needs to be done in your home, in your lighting, next to your countertop and backsplash, flooring and wall color. Just contact us to schedule your free In-home Consultation.
After our initial In-home Consultation, we can schedule a visit to see a kitchen that we have painted. We try to find a kitchen that is similar to to your current kitchen (i.e. originally oak kitchen cabinets) and that also matches the new color and finish that you have selected.
You’ve come to the right place! Schedule a free In-home Consultation and we will take the stress out of color selection by helping you choose the perfect color for your kitchen cabinets. We’ll be sure all of your kitchen selections work well together, including countertop, backsplash, flooring and wall color.

And remember, once we have agreed to work together, we will paint one of your kitchen doors in the exact finish, color and wax you have selected. We require your approval of your sample door before we start your job.
We provide an exact quote at your free In-home Consultation. Each kitchen is unique, so we look at the number and sizes of your doors and drawers, including flat sides, like on an island or peninsula or built-ins, and details like an appliance garage, mail slots or glass front doors.
Yes, at your In-home Consultation, we will talk through the changes that will be happening and we should be able to provide a good estimate.
Our quotes are valid for 60 days. Your job must be completed with 1 year of quote acceptance.
We keep it simple with just 4 pricing options:
  1. Premium Finish with backside of the door painted
  2. Premium Finish without backside of the door painted
  3. Original Finish with backside of the door painted
  4. Original Finish without backside of the door painted
Distressing, color and wax choices do not affect the price, so you can pick exactly what you want.

Note: All of our finishes are backed by our 10 Year Chip-free Guarantee!

Contact us for a free in-home estimate.
Non- refundable payments are billed in (3) separate installments.

1st installment - 10% ‘Save the date’ deposit is required upon acceptance of quote.

2nd installment - 40% deposit is due 4 weeks prior to job start date

3rd installment - 50% balance is due upon completion
We accept cash, check, debit or charge card (3% fee applied for VISA, MC, Discover, AMEX or debit card).
Contact us! ☺️ We have your answers.